5 pack Fabric Plant Pots Grow Bags w/ Handles Aeration Pots ALL SIZES!

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5 pack Fabric Plant Pots Grow Bags w/ Handles Aeration Pots ALL SIZES!

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Guerrilla Grow Pots are the perfect combination of a traditional nursery style grow pot and the benefits of a highly breathable, lightweight and cost effective container. 

Guerrilla Grow Pots offer a range of benefits for any species of plants and in any climate. The woven material offers a complete blockout and is UV Protected to prevent outdoor degredation. It will also block harmful sunlight from reaching the plants delicate root system but will allow oxygen to pass freely into the grow mediums lower layers.

Being breathable, the Guerrilla Grow Pot will also ensure plants are not waterlogged by encouraging excess water to freely drain from any direction.

  • Fabric pots allow roots to breath by allowing more oxygen to pass directly into the lower layers of the medium
  • Reduces day/night temperature swing by acting as a thermal insulator
  • Prevents plants from getting root-bound
  • Prevents roots from circling around the perimeter

Fabric grow pots are perfect for outdoor Guerilla Gardening, with 100+ litre sizes folding easily to fit up to 10 in a backpack.

Outdoor season just got a whole lot easier!

Please Note, 1,2,3 Gallon Pots do not have handles.

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Additional Information

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Brand HyFlo
Package Includes 5 x Guerrilla Grow Pots of chosen size

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