Logik Sous Vide Sous Chef Perfect Digital Precision Cooker Black

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Logik Sous Vide Sous Chef Perfect Digital Precision Cooker Black

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Sous Vide or "under vacuum"  cooking has been a long kept secret of top chefs around the world. Food is sealed in a moisture locked bag and immersed in water. The water is circulated and is maintained at the desired cooking temperature. High-end rastaurants have used the method for decades and its only now that technology has allowed us to miniaturize the complex tools required to do the job.

Logik have developed a portable, lightweight and easy to use Sous Vide Immersion stick to make the task easier than ever before. It uses precision temperature control and timers to acheive prefect results, every time. Foods are cooked evenly from edge to edge, exactly how you like it. Being a precision cooker, the results can be replicated over and over again; a task even the most skilled chefs struggle with.

With the click of a few buttons, your next meal could be the best one you've ever had.

Main features
1500W Advanced PTC Heating element
Precision temperature control
LED touch screen interface
Countdown timer : 0 - 8.59 hours
Delayed start timer: - 0 - 24.59 hours
Circulates up to 10 litres per minute @ 360o
Connects to almost any cooking pot
Dimensions: L6cm x H38cm

connects to any pot


Logik Sous VidePTC HeaterScroll WheelCompact Design

Additional Information

Additional Information

Barcode (EAN13) No
Warranty This product is offered with a 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty for private household use
Brand Logik
Package Includes

1 x Logik Sous Vide Sou Perfect Unit
1 x Silicone Pot Protector
1 x Instruction Manual, Recipes and Cooking tips


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